Binary Impulse


Binary  Impulse

A continuation of the Limitary Patterns theme, this image has taken several months to evolve. The events of the last few weeks (June 2016) have perhaps helped crystallise the idea for the shapes and colours which weren’t working before. The images and ideas we associate with man’s boundaries are now juxtaposed with the symbolism of a  crusade.
Acrylic and mixed media. 90cm sq.

Paradise Lost


The Final set of 9 images based on the poem by John Milton. 9 Works on canvas in mixed media each 28″ (71cm) sq


A Suspension of Disbelief
A Suspension of Disbelief
Dialectical Vision: Theories of Order
Dialectical Vision: Theories of Order   Sold 2016
The Lamb : Earthbound
The Lamb : Earthbound
chaos 2014 col bal sm
Expulsion : The First Morning of Our World
Expulsion : The First Morning of Our World
Above the Storm
Above the Storm  Sold 2016
Ascent. Sold 2016
One Gate There Only Was
One Gate There Only Was




This paradise I give thee, count it thine..

John Milton : Paradise Lost



Mixed Media on canvas with attached/modified objects pineapple top, an avocado stone, sunflower seeds, a snail shell and petals from an Amaryllis. There is also a small light bulb, a wrist watch mechanism and a feather. 

 28″ x 28″ sq (71cmx71cm)    2012




The start of a new piece, Creation the final frame of the Paradise Lost series?
I have in mind to use flowers, seeds fruit and geometric form. There may be a small light bulb in there somewhere too.

The Lamb : Earthbound



He shall ascend
The throne hereditary, and bound his reign
With Earth’s wide bounds, his glory with the Heavens.

John Milton Paradise Lost


For the Lamb, which is in the midst of the throne, shall govern them,

Revelations 2:7

Acrylic paint, Acrylic medium, collage, Found Objects, Organic Materials including Sheep bone.

28″ x 28″ sq (71cmx71cm)

In progress.