All Nature


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The title All Nature comes from a quote musing about the artist’s task.

“All nature faithfully”–But by what feint

Can Nature be subdued to his constraint?

Her smallest fragment is still infinite!

And so he paints but what he likes in it.

What does he like? He likes what he can paint!”


Nature in its infinite detail was the starting point for this work. This notion provoked a series of visual thoughts about bounding the ‘unboundable’. In a move away from traditional pictorial landscape I tried to link the immediate and the distant, the physical and the ethereal; the elements that seem infinitely apart. It is a divergent landscape study which aims for a new unity.

I also wanted to create work with a narrative, a poetic atmosphere and to some extent allegory. The stories I had in mind are hinted at in the titles.

My process involves layering texture with imagery and objects embedded in a cement ground on canvas. Where I use collage it is my own imagery.

This is part of a larger body of work including works from the series ‘Enchanted Spaces 2014’ Infinity Quartet 2014’ ‘Grass Roots 2014’ ‘Bare Roots 2014’ ‘Limitary Patterns 2015’.